BOOK REVIEW: Coventry by Helen Humphreys

Coventry by Helen HumphreysCoventry
By Helen Humphreys
Completed May 31, 2011

Sparce but lyrical prose, impressionable characters and vivid imagery – all of these mark the small but powerful book, Coventry by Helen Humphreys. I was captivated with this book from its first word.

Coventry is the story of two middle-aged women, Harriet and Maeve, during the German bombing of Coventry on November 14, 1940. The women had met just once before – very briefly during World War I – and were reunited in their search for Maeve’s son, Jeremy, who was helping the wounded during the bombing. Their friendship continues past World War II – each a reminder of love, hope and loss. Indeed, their friendship is unique but necessary.

Humphreys’ depiction of the bombing – the sheer physical brutality of it – is unmatched by writers who have written about similar subjects. You can feel the heat of the fires, the smell of burning buildings, the feel of someone’s blood on your arm. Humphreys doesn’t write in a gory way, but you still feel the power of what the bombs did to this English town.

I wish I could write this review as beautifully as Helen Humphreys wrote Coventry – to do the book’s language and diction the appropriate justice. I hope this review is enough to convince you to read Coventry just the same. I believe you too can be swept up in the beauty of this little book. (  )


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BermudaOnion
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 02:49:24

    I’m sold! I’ve added this to my wish list.


  2. Kori
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 10:25:03

    Hi Jill! I see you review books. I am a first time author, self-published through Amazon. I released my novel in both ebook and paperback. I’d love to have you read and review it. It’s a 1950’s Hollywood set murder/mystery/suspense. It’s getting really great reviews on Amazon if you want to check it out! I also have a blog if you want to check me out. Thanks so much in advance and have a great day! Kori 😉


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