Orange January Giveaway #11: Case Histories

Case Histories by Kate Atkinson


Up for Grabs: Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Orange Connection: Long List, 2005

Who’s Eligible to Win?: Anyone participating in Orange January – no matter where you live or if you’ve won a giveaway already this month. You’re also welcome to participate in the activity, even if you don’t want the book. Just let me know in the comments below to not enter your name into the drawing.

Your Activity: Goodreads? LibraryThing? Shelfari? What online book cataloging website is your favorite? (If you don’t use one, that’s okay – just let me know in the comments below.)

Giveaway ends at 9pm Eastern tonight. Have a great Sunday!


29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayme@Beachreader
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:06:06

    I don’t use an online book cataloging system. I started to, but… to many things to keep track of in my life, or maybe this older brain reached its limit which is why I don’t tweet or facebook either.


  2. Cait
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:08:50

    LibraryThing, of course! I’ve been a member since January 2009, and in those three years, I cannot believe how many great books I have read because of other people who use the site.


  3. Rhonda Lomazow
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:19:31

    good reads ,my son my brother &loads of friends use it.It`s fun getting the reading updates .


  4. Kim Bal-Al
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:23:55

    LibraryThing, The best 🙂
    I’ve also started using I’m Reading on facebook, only for current reads.


  5. Kinna
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:30:12

    I’ve signed up for both Librarything and Goodreads though I don’t really use them. This year, though, I find I’m in need of some external organization so I’ve vowed to get into Goodreads. Thanks for the giveaway.


  6. Ally
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:41:38

    I started with shelfari a few years ago, forgetting that I set up an account with goodreads in 2007. Last year I decided to just stick with goodreads, since it’s more updated and it has more widgets that I find useful.
    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂


  7. Phoebe
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:42:58

    Librarything, which you pointed me to. But I think I will check the other two out.


  8. Laurel
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 22:00:55

    I actually love them all for different reasons! Shelfari downloaded all of the books I had purchased from amazon so I use this as my primary record. I know LibraryThing has many of the same great features. I just happened to get started with Shelfari. LibraryThing has great cataloging features, though. I LOVE the recommendations from Goodreads. LibraryThing offers


  9. Helen
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 22:06:31

    LibraryThing, yay!

    No need to enter me in the draw for this one, thanks. It’s a great book, btw! 🙂


  10. Pragya
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 22:18:13

    I am in awe of Goodreads. Addicted actually. Found great friends, lovely groups and awesome books. 🙂


  11. MJ
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 22:37:01

    I use goodreads. It was just the one I happened to sign up for, so I really don’t know the pros and cons of all the different systems. I like goodreads, though. It allows me to do everything I want, and the groups and social features are a nice bonus.


  12. Barbara Atkins Carlucci
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 22:48:01

    I’ve just started using LibraryThing and I love it!


  13. Julie
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 23:34:20

    Library Thing of course dear Jill! If it had not been for LT we would never have met one another and enjoyed the friendship we have!
    PS Welcome to LT Barabra – my user name over there is juliette07 – happy to welcome you!


  14. Kim Hannibal Collins
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 23:37:07

    LibraryThing… but i know i don’t use it as I should… maybe i need to make it a new years resolution!


  15. regina
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 00:04:43

    I tried LibraryThing but don’t like their navigation so I switched to Good Reads and am loving it!


  16. Tina Valdes
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 01:10:10

    I use Goodreads & Library Thing. I’m a new user of LT and I’m loving it!


  17. Patricia
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 01:16:36

    I started out on Shelfari and now I can’t change — even though my friends are on GoodReads. I really like the look of the site better.


  18. Debra
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 01:40:23

    I don’t use any of them but may go have a look. I am on facebook however and enjoy participating in FridayReads.
    I have read this book already Jill so please don’t enter me in this drawing.


  19. Peggy
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 02:42:37

    LIBRARY THING!! It’s my mind’s home, and I’m thrilled to have found it. I tried GoodReads, but LT was easier for me from the start. I don’t know anything about Shelfari, but I suppose I’ll look at it one day.
    I also have this book, Jill, so I’m one less for the drawing.


  20. Kathryn Wright
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 03:16:07

    Librarything is my fave! I signed up for Goodreads as well, but haven’t been on the site in years. To much spam from other members who wanted to be friends. Librarything is active and interactive and has great people plus I love their ER program. I’ve discovered so many new books and authors just being a member. 🙂
    I’d love to win this book….hearing lots of good things about it in the talk threads.


  21. JoV
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 04:35:07

    I signed up for Shelfari because of the beautiful shelves and interfaces but I recently register with goodreads and thought it has more substance. But alas, where is the time to record past books read that runs in thousands in good reads to build a reading trend? I need to outsource my data entry and blog clean-up! 😦


  22. Deborah F
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 04:44:10

    Librarything of course! I tried Good Reads, but I did not really care for it, and then my account there got hacked into. So, it’s Library Thing for me.

    No need to enter me into the draw as I have already read Case Histories, which I loved!:)


  23. rainpebble/belva
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 04:48:49, of course. It is the only one I use. Makes my literary life so much easier and I so appreciate it being there.


  24. Amy
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 05:05:27

    I use Goodreads although I always fall behind in keeping it updated. I want to look into Librarything and Shelfari to see what they’re all about since both have been recommended to me.

    Another wonderful giveaway! Kate Atkinson’s books are so good.
    Thank you!


  25. Tania
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 07:31:24

    I’m another LibraryThinger. I’m very impressed with the interface and the cataloguing. They’ve created a very powerful tool, and given it a handsome shell. The geek in me geeks out a bit when I play with it. 🙂

    I’ve already read “Case Histories” – one of my faves! – so no need to enter me in this draw, thanks Jill.


  26. raidergirl3
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 09:18:43

    Librarything for the win! I haven’t even looked at any other ones, I am having too much fun on LT.

    Don’t enter me on this one – I’ve read, and loved, Case Histories.


  27. mrstreme
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 10:06:35

    Congratulations to Phoebe for winning today’s giveaway!


  28. Nulaanne
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 10:08:34

    I don’t use any online tracker. I have never even thought about using one. I don’t have a problem remembering books that I have read.


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